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School Development Plan

1. Year Wise Academic Development Plan:
  1. Addition of Class VIII & Introduction of Maple Bear                 2021-22
  2. Addition of class IX                                                                          2022-23
  3. Addition of Class X                                                                           2023-24
  4. Addition of Class XI (all Streams)                                                 2024-25
  5. Addition of Class XII (All Streams)                                                2025-26

       This will complete the Academic Development

2. Year Wise Academic Infrastructure Development:

Financial Year 2020-21:

  1. Currently the School Building has all the facility to run the school till class VIII with 13 operational class rooms.
  2. School has two fields behind the Academic Building and 6 Tennis courts.

Financial Year 2021-22:

School Building: All Four Floors of the Floors of the School Building have been completed. It has 19 Classrooms, Composite Science Lab, Computer Lab., Math’s Lab, A state of the art Modern Library with e-library. Work to have new Sound Proof Music Instrumental, Music Vocal and Dance Room is going on that would be completed before end of March, 2022. Both lifts are now operational. It has provision to create Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs as and when class 11th starts and also provision of Dining Facility for 500 students.

Sports Facility:

We now have two field behind the school Building to play Soccer, Cricket and Athletics. We now have international level two Synthetic basketball courts and one volleyball cum net ball court. Three synthetic Tennis Courts. We have a badminton court and we are creating provision for Gymnastics in the school Building. As planned we also have two cricket practice nets.

Financial Year 2024-25:

As and when the student number increases beyond 800 then we will execute the plan to complete the other Building to add more classes and Labs.

CBSE Affiliation: 

School has the CBSE Affiliation up to Secondary Level with affiliation number 532038.  The school now can run CBSE Courses till class X. We will apply for CBSE Sr. Secondary Affiliation in 2023-24.

Future Plans: 

The School Plans to make a state of the Art Auditorium with 700 seating capacity, a swimming pool with all amenities and a skating rink. Once the strength of the school reaches 600 start work on the other building to increase the number of classes and labs.

Head of Senior School