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Best School in Rohtak Best School in Rohtak Best School in Rohtak
Best School in Rohtak

Pre-Primary School

Education is a life – long journey and the School realizes the importance of a good start. It is here that the foundation for the love of learning is laid and strengthened. 

Best School in Rohtak

Primary School

The primary school curriculum ensures special inputs for the students adept at any field from Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology or Performing Arts.

Best School in Rohtak

Middle School

The Middle Wing of the school strives to maintain excellence in academics to enable the students to stand at par in today’s competitive world The conformity.

The Star Global School 

Stepping into the field of education over 30 years ago, the Modi Group continues to successfully run high quality schools, colleges and management institutes under various trusts in cities across India. The Star Global School is under the ownership and management of Gujarmal Modi Charitable Trust, one of many trusts under Modi Group, since August 31st 2020.

Instilled with a vision to provide high quality and wholesome education, the school is spread across a vast property of over 6 acres on Sonipat Road, Rohtak. Equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, including smart classes, multiple labs and activity rooms, we provide our students with the best infrastructure to foster growth and learning. In addition to academic facilities, the school boasts a range of high-quality sports facilities that include synthetic tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts and a cricket pitch. Vested in technology and pedagogy to ensure holistic development of the students we stand to make this institution one of the finest in the country.

Additionally, the Star Global School implements the internationally acclaimed Canadian Education system, Maple Bear from Nursery to Grade V. Maple Bear has a global presence with 500+ schools running in 25 countries, and 130 schools in India, we bring in tested and proven teaching methodologies and curriculums that are written and constantly updated by Canadian Education Experts. This system of education is based on experiential earning with a keen focus on English speaking and Bilingual education. Maple Bear is completely aligned with the CBSE syllabus and strives to provide improved teaching methodologies to their schools.

Learning & Fun

Fun has a positive impact on children’s motivation levels, which in turn determines.

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Sports Facilities

Children’s involvement in sports, not only contributes to their physical but also their.

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Children Safety

We place immense emphasis on the safety and security of all our students. Being our top-most priority.

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What Parents Say

  • The Star Global School faculty is well qualified and competent. Sports facilities and infrastructure are fairly good. The exposure and responsibilities given to students are also impressive
    Ayushman Gupta
  • 1. The best place to enjoy and study simultaneously.
    2. The academic staff is brilliant and caring.
    3. A great school to pick up extra-curricular activities.

    Sara Khan
  • The Star Global, best school there is in all of India. Very supportive teachers, loads of extra-curricular activities, and involvement in social work.

    Hina Khan

Partners in Progress

Best School in Rohtak

Head of Senior School