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5 Reasons Why Setting Up a Daily Routine is Crucial for Children
“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine” – John C. Maxwell   Kids are a powerhouse of energy and creativity, always up to explore the unexplored and unleash the concealed. They are naturally driven to learn new things...
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Sports – An Important Element of Modern World Education
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We are all aware of this ancient saying but in today’s world, where the competition to get better grades and pay packages is so cutthroat, how true is this? Well, not only is this saying true, it means much more today than ever before. Participating...
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The Effectiveness of the Play Way Method for Tiny Tots
How did the early humans learn to light the fire? They learned so while working with two pieces of stones. How did the humans learn about wheels? They discovered it when a log slipped from their hand and rolled down the valley. You can find a common point in both these groundbreaking discoveries of all...
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The Significance of Parent-Teacher Relationship in Improving Student Outcomes
Discussions about the importance of a strong parent-child relationship or a close-knit teacher-student relationship are more common than ever. All of us have not only heard but also participated in such deliberations frequently. However, a topic that is though common but is an equally significant matter of discussion is the value of parent-teacher relationships. Let...
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Early Literacy Difficulties
Do you often feel that your child is taking a little longer to speak than other children? While the rest of the kids of the same age are capable of doing the simple additions and subtraction sums minus any effort, your little one is struggling to figure out how to approach a sum? All these...
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Helping Children in their Homework – Should You or Shouldn’t You?
The temptation to help an anxious kid struggling with a difficult homework can be very strong. It is completely understandable because, at the end of the day, we don’t want our kids to get all worried and anxious, and nothing feels better than to see them succeed and relieved. Besides, there is no harm in...
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Vent Out the Exam Stress with a Dose of Regular Exercising
Examinations are an integral part of student life. After all, examinations help assess the understanding of the students in various subject areas. However, there’s no denying the fact that as the board exams are closing in, more and more students are becoming anxious and stressed. At The Star Global School, one among the best schools...
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5 Ways to Keep Kids Away from Materialistic Obsessions
Fulfilling the kids’ requirements remains central to every parent’s priority list. However, there is always a fine line that makes all the difference between requirements and obsessions. And it is this difference that is critical to be understood if the aim is to make the kids grow into beings being minus any obsession. While having...
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How to Foster Self-Esteem in Kids?
Let’s begin with a simple question – How do you like to see your kids? Happy and confident about themselves or sulking in guilt and frustration? Yes, we know there won’t be any parent on earth who would choose the latter. But then what exactly are you doing to ensure that your little one stays...
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Are you unknowingly spoiling your child? Check it out!
Ever heard of the saying, “There is nothing in the world like a parent’s love.”? How true is that, isn’t it! Regardless of the religion, culture, or country, a parent’s love is unadulterated, unmatched, and untainted. And as parents, you would want to bring the best of everything to your kids to ensure their continued...
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