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4 Powerful Ways to Polish the Critical Thinking Abilities in Your Kids
Unlike most people’s beliefs, the world isn’t Black and White anymore. In reality, it’s Grey. You see, each question in today’s world is a mystery. The solution is always open-ended, meaning there are multiple ways to solve an issue. Whether performing a daily chore or approaching a new assignment at work, you can do it...
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Are You Unknowingly Indulging in Helicopter Parenting?
All parents are protective of their children. We are sure all of the parents reading this write-up would also agree to the same. Well, we don’t blame you for being protective of your children. After all, they complete you and mean the world to you. However, some parents make the mistake of being too protective....
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Parent & Child Communication is Vital | Parent Child Relationship
Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity – Nat Turner   Communication is key to any successful relationship. The same principle applies to the parent child relationship as well. As a parent, if you wish for your child to trust in you and open up about the smallest of worries that have been troubling...
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Phrases That Should Be Best Avoided While Talking to Your Kids
One of the most important experiences that you as parents can provide for your children is to have good communication with them. After all, it is your daily interaction with your kids that forms the basic foundation for a close-knit bond between you and your little ones. It is a known fact that children observe...
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5 Powerful Mental Health Activities To Try Out With Your Child
A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health – Kate Middleton. Unlike physical woes, mental health issues are difficult to make out. Most adults, who suffer from mental unease, do not have the courage to speak up. Societal pressure or fear of judgment keeps them mum. Now just imagine what your...
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Is Childhood All About Getting Trained for Adulthood?
Children are more or less the same as tender clay. Just like a potter gives shapes to his clay, they too are ready to get molded in the manner we mold them. Hence, as adults, it becomes our responsibility to cast them in a way so that in the future, they emerge as personalities who...
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Mutual respect between parents and children is essential for a healthy relationship. But, the path of respect can sometimes be more difficult than you expect. We know all the parents out there understand what we mean! After all, it is very common nowadays to see children arguing with adults and ignoring them completely. You can...
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Teaching Kids to Clean Up Their Mess - 5 Tips to Help You Out!
After a busy day at work or in the kitchen, the last thing you would want to come back to is a messy house. So, is your little one capable of turning your home upside down? From toys to house utilities, does your child love to be a messy head? Most parents find it difficult...
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The Connection Between Diet & Academic Development of Children
Heard of the phrase “You are what you eat”? No denying, what a person eats gets reflected in his/her overall well-being. If you eat healthily, you can rest assured of staying in the pink of health. But if you keep munching on fast food and high sugar drinks, you are sure to lose your health....
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How Important is Connection in Parenting?
Parenting is challenging period. There is so much that you, as a parent, have to take care of so as to ensure that your kids learn the right things and grow in the right direction. You see to it that they go to the best school in town, study properly, eat well, take sound sleep,...
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