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5 Reasons Why Setting Up a Daily Routine is Crucial for Children

5 Reasons Why Setting Up a Daily Routine is Crucial for Children

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine” – John C. Maxwell


Kids are a powerhouse of energy and creativity, always up to explore the unexplored and unleash the concealed. They are naturally driven to learn new things and have their own way of displaying their knowledge. As such, if we can channelize their energy and creativity in the right direction, we can help them optimize their potential. And to that end, the first step on the ladder of success is to make them embrace a daily routine and stick to it. For until and unless children learn to respect time, success would remain far from reality.

So today, we, at The Star Global School, one among the leading schools in Rohtak, have brought forth for you the 5 key reasons why setting up a daily routine is indeed essential for your kids and how it influences their efficiency. Read on.

  1. Teaches the crucial skill of time management:

Following a daily routine implies that the kids will have to follow a specific pattern of timebound activities. Though this may seem to be a tad bit difficult initially, children gradually slide into the habit of summing up the tasks at hand within the time limit set for it. This helps to teach them the important skill of time management. You can make it fun for them by preparing their daily/weekly schedule with some colorful sketch pens on a beautiful paper of their choice and letting them cross out the activities they keep finishing.

  1. Instils self-discipline:

When children are provided with a daily routine to be followed, they naturally begin to lead a disciplined life. They become more organized and self-aware of what they are supposed to do. In fact, merely a few weeks into following a daily routine can bring in a significant change in your child’s behavior. You will find your child to be much more self-disciplined and motivated.

  1. Raises confidence and independence:

How would you feel if your office boss consistently nags you and keeps telling you what to do next? Irritated and frustrated, right! Now imagine another scenario – You have a complete list of all the tasks you are supposed to do, and you know how much time you have at hand to finish off each task. You will be in a far better position to finish off the entire work with a smile on your face. The same happens with children. When they are repeatedly and consistently told about the chores they are supposed to do, they do feel frustrated. But when they have a schedule that they are supposed to follow, they remain better prepared to complete each and every task on the list well within time. This serves to raise their confidence level as well as instills in them a sense of independence.

  1. Helps eliminate distractions:

We, at The Star Global School, believe that the greatest benefit of sticking to a daily routine is that it helps to eliminate unnecessary distractions and keeps the person focused on the chores defined in the schedule. This is particularly beneficial for students as following a routine helps to train their brain to concentrate on their studies while saying no to the disturbances.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety generally seep in when there is a fear of the unknown. But when kids have a daily routine to follow, they know what to expect next and thus remain mentally equipped accordingly. This helps to reduce any scope for stress and anxiety and rather establishes constructive habits among kids.

At The Star Global School, one of the best school in Rohtak, we believe that following daily routines is as important for children as taking a nutritious diet. Just the way the diet helps nourish the body, sticking to daily routines helps nourish the brain. It prepares them to focus on what’s necessary while cutting out on what’s not. It helps them become more organized, self-disciplined, self-aware, and eventually successful. However, we would also like to advise the parents to avoid being too strict with the kids to follow the schedule and also do not lose heart if things don’t go as per your expectations. Your kids may take time to embrace the routine. Just hold your calm, be patient, and do not give up!

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