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Role of Nutrition in the Development of Kids

Role of Nutrition in the Development of Kids

What do you see when you look at your kids? Love and attachment, right? Any loving parent would say, “Yes!” However, every parent would also say, “Hope”. But what’s the reasoning behind that? Well, that’s because they not only provide you with happiness and a feeling of fulfillment, but you also see your as well as the country’s future in them.

While they aren’t contributing anything substantial to society momentarily, their contribution will be obvious once they are grown up. While that’s good to hear, the reality is that to reach their true potential, they not just need good education and the right upbringing, but they must also remain healthy and focused. This is where the role of nutrition gains prominence, especially during the childhood years. If the diet and nutrition of kids is overlooked, its implications are not merely felt in the form of bad health and retarded physical development but, in reality, are far beyond that!

So today, in this article below, we at The Star Global School, ranked among the best cbse school in Rohtak, will shed light on the role of good nutrition in the growth and development of kids. We hope it will help you understand why your kids’ diet should be your priority.


  • Good Nutrition is Vital for Leading a Healthy Life: 

A nutritious diet provides children with the energy and nutrients for healthy growth. It helps them remain strong, both physically as well as mentally. It not just aids in their cognitive development but is also essential for developing a robust bone structure. This means having a good, nutritious diet is not just necessary for your kids to do well in academics but also in extra-curricular activities requiring physical tenacity. It also helps maintain a healthy immune system, protects from malnutrition, prevents obesity, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Thus, eating healthy and right forms the basis for enjoying life to the fullest without any hindrances.


  • Healthy Diet is Essential for Appropriate Brain Development:

A healthy diet is essential for brain development. The brain needs the most nourishment during the early childhood years. Thus, it is important to provide children with a healthy and nutrition-rich diet that can provide them with the essential nutrients to grow and develop properly.

The brain consumes the body’s energy and needs the right nutrients to function optimally. While that’s informative, you should have a bit more understanding of this point. You see, the brain transmits information from one cell to another through chemical signals called neurotransmitters. When these cells don’t receive enough nutrients, they become weak and don’t work to their potential. This leads to problems with slow thinking and learning. Hence, a child’s diet must include “healthy” nutrients for brain development. These include plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats, minerals, and vitamins.


A Healthy Child is a Happy & Successful Child!

We at The Star Global School, one amongst the cbse schools in Rohtak, firmly believe that one of the most important factors in determining a child’s success is their health. To that end, a vital prerequisite is the “right diet.” A child who doesn’t eat right and remains devoid of vital nutrients not just remains bodily weak but also shows up behavioral issues and remains cranky and irritable most of the time. Thus, as responsible parents, make sure you provide your kids with a healthy diet comprising plenty of vegetables, fruits, and protein-rich foods. Besides, kids should also be encouraged to drink plenty of water, as hydration is just as important for the body as food.

The best way to ensure that your kids get the necessary nutrition is to provide them with a colorful platter of food items. Their diet should contain ample liquids in addition to leafy greens, fruits, dry fruits, milk, potatoes, and other veggies. With this done right, you can be sure your child’s growth is going in the right direction.

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