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How to Imbue Love for Learning Among Kids?
Learning is indeed a life-long process. However, there’s no denying that it constitutes an essential component of childhood. As such, isn’t it just reasonable to make it enjoyable for the kids? We all know that children are curious little machines, eager to explore their environment and soak up new information and skills like a sponge....
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Helping Children in their Homework – Should You or Shouldn’t You?
The temptation to help an anxious kid struggling with a difficult homework can be very strong. It is completely understandable because, at the end of the day, we don’t want our kids to get all worried and anxious, and nothing feels better than to see them succeed and relieved. Besides, there is no harm in...
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Are you unknowingly spoiling your child? Check it out!
Ever heard of the saying, “There is nothing in the world like a parent’s love.”? How true is that, isn’t it! Regardless of the religion, culture, or country, a parent’s love is unadulterated, unmatched, and untainted. And as parents, you would want to bring the best of everything to your kids to ensure their continued...
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