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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Are you unknowingly spoiling your child? Check it out!

Are you unknowingly spoiling your child? Check it out!

Ever heard of the saying, “There is nothing in the world like a parent’s love.”? How true is that, isn’t it! Regardless of the religion, culture, or country, a parent’s love is unadulterated, unmatched, and untainted. And as parents, you would want to bring the best of everything to your kids to ensure their continued comfort, happiness, and success. However, even though you have the purest intention at heart in this aspect, there are times when it leads to unknowingly spoiling the kids.

We understand that fulfilling the needs of the kids is certainly the responsibility of every parent, but your aim is also to make them a better individual as they grow up. With that in mind, we, at The Star Global School, regarded as the Best Primary School in Rohtak, have brought forth for you a number of cues today that will help you to introspect if you are unknowingly spoiling your child.

Constantly giving rewards to the kids

Rewarding your kids once in a while for their good grades or doing chores is okay and even somewhat necessary. However, the problem arises when kids receive a gift for every good deed they do because it then sends out a wrong message.

After all, kids should inherently want to do things like studying hard to get good grades or helping you out in household chores. When all of it gets motivated by the hope of getting rewards, the life lessons to imbibe from these acts get lost in the middle. As a result, things like winning a competition or doing a perfect job at cleaning their room will no longer seem rewarding by itself anymore.

Cleaning up the mess that the kids make

Are you the one cleaning up your kids’ mess after their playtime? Do you clean their room, organize their bookshelves, and more so? We, at The Star Global School, completely understand that you are doing all of that to get the room cleaned quickly and effectively, and maybe even to save some of your kids’ time as well. But when kids are not made to clean the mess that they make, it sends the wrong message that their mess is not their responsibility.

Moreover, it fails to teach them the crucial life lessons of self-reliance and independence. So, our suggestion would be to let them clean their room even if it is not as perfectly or timely done as you would do.

Not keeping a check on their monthly allowance

We, at The Star Global School, being the mentors and guides of young minds as one of the best primary schools in Rohtak, firmly believe that it is okay to give children monthly allowances from a young age because that acts as the first step in teaching them about money management. They learn about the ways to save and spend money wisely through the monthly allowance you give them.

However, the key is to make sure that this monthly allowance is fixed at a particular amount that is enough for their daily needs like buying food, paying for the commute to school, and a bit extra. So, if you give them two hundred bucks on a monthly basis, let it remain at that amount and don’t hand out more allowance than that.

Turning a “no” to a “yes” at the slightest tantrum

Of course, kids will express their disappointment when you do not give them something that they want, and sometimes, their disappointment gets manifested as tantrums. But if you keep turning every “no” you have said to a “yes” at the slightest chance of a cloudy sky, you will be paving the way for raising a spoilt kid. Thus, our advice would be to find ways to mitigate the tantrum or reason with them instead of giving into their demands.

For instance, let the kids know that they cannot have pizza for two nights in a row because that isn’t good for their health, though it’s not like you are banning pizza forever.

At The Star Global School, we completely understand that all the aforementioned instances are often unintentional mistakes that stem out of a parent’s love and care for the apple of their eyes. Hopefully, with the discussion we had in this article today, you will be able to take a better approach at handling such situations from now on. So try it out and share your experiences with us.

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