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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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3 Reasons Why Children Act Stubborn

3 Reasons Why Children Act Stubborn

Parents often find it challenging to understand why their child is acting stubbornly. If this sounds like you, remember that being stubborn is a normal part of the child’s development journey. The best you can do as parents is to try to understand why your child is behaving that way so that you can fix the root cause of the problem. Generally, there can be numerous reasons, but we at The Star Global School, positioned among the cbse schools in Rohtak, have handpicked the top 3 that have been observed in most cases. Let’s have a quick look.

  1. Fear of Change

Change is frightening for children, so they often use stubbornness as their first line of defense. Some children can act stubborn if they move to a new place or join a new school. Even the arrival of their sibling can make them fearful as they think their parents will now give their attention and love to the new child. Such situations make them feel overwhelmed and stressed, giving rise to stubbornness. Parents can fix this situation by communicating clearly and positively with their children. When you talk to children and try to make them understand the current situation, you eventually help ease their fear of change. It can help reduce stubbornness in children.

At The Start Global School, one of the best school in Rohtak, our teachers are trained to communicate effectively with children so they don’t develop any fear of coming to school, asking questions to teachers, etc. This is our way of making it easier for children to lower their stubbornness.

  1. Lack of Control

Another common reason behind increasing stubbornness in children is the feeling of lack of control. When children start feeling they don’t have any control over their life, they start acting stubborn. Since most children do not get to have much say when asked to do homework, go to bed, or do any chore, they feel they have little to no control over their life. This leads them to being stubborn and assertive to enjoy the feeling that they are in control.

To ensure your kids don’t feel this way and don’t resort to stubbornness to cope with the situation, start giving them the freedom to make little decisions. It can be as simple as letting them decide what to wear, what to eat, when to go to the park, etc. The more you alleviate their feeling of powerlessness by giving them little control here and there, the faster will their stubborn behavior come under control.

  1. Seeking Attention

Children have a habit of acting a certain way to get attention, especially when they feel neglected in any given situation. If your children feel ignored or unimportant, they will start acting stubborn to gain your attention. It can be a common occurrence in houses with multiple children. The only way to combat it is by giving children the required positive attention.

We have seen that children rarely exhibit stubborn behavior when they get enough 1-on-1 conversation time with their caregiver, get praised often for their actions, and have the required attention. To make children feel valued, the entire staff at The Star Global School pays attention to each student.



Stubborn behavior is more common in children than you would expect. Understanding the exact cause behind stubbornness is key in helping children reduce this behavior. At The Star Global School, one of the top schools in Rohtak, we believe treating every child with empathy, love, and care can significantly help get rid of stubbornness to a great extent. Additionally, giving each child the attention and freedom they deserve can be an effective tool in controlling such behavior. If your children have been acting stubborn recently, try giving them more attention, praise, freedom, etc., and see the difference.

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