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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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5 Internet Security Tips You Should Be Aware Of!

5 Internet Security Tips You Should Be Aware Of!

The internet has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. Be it through telecommunication, education, entertainment, or even shopping, the internet has found its use everywhere. However, it would be imprudent for anyone to think it’s perfectly safe. If proper precautions aren’t taken, problems such as online viruses, malware, and hackers can cause irreparable harm that one may never recover from. Most of you are aware of this, but your children may not be. If you’re surprised at this, let us, The Star Global School, ranked among the top 5 schools in Rohtak, make you aware of specific security tips you must follow to protect the ones you love the most – your children.


5 Cardinal Tips To Be Aware Of!

The five cardinal tips for you and your children to follow are as follows:


  • Privacy is paramount:

    Privacy is paramount for your children on the internet. To protect them and your family the best, they mustn’t give out any personal information to anyone whatsoever. Such information may include home address, phone numbers, your information, bank/credit card info, etc. unless it’s on a reliable website. The best way to ensure this is through initial supervision, and they’ll realize the dangers. You may also show them information from awareness materials explicitly addressing this issue. You can also try scam awareness videos.


  • “Online Friends” aren’t often so friendly:

    Social media platforms allow children to form online friendships with strangers. It allows them to integrate with modern society, where people don’t get much time to hang out in public. However, we get too many reports about misfortunes faced by kids after they go to meet an “online friend.” Just ensure that if they’re going out with someone they met online, the person is genuine and completely safe to be around. The best way to do this is by talking to them over the phone before the meeting and accompanying your kids during the first few meets. Also, ensure they meet in public places such as malls and don’t forget to pick them up later.


  • Take note of their browsing history:

    It may seem like an invasion of privacy, but you must monitor their browsing history as often as possible. Why? Well, kids are curious and will try to access unsavoury content on the web. It is bound to happen, so you might as well accept it. However, you can minimize the chances by being aware and letting them know of the dangers. Just ensure you’re frank, and they’ll understand.


  • Make use of a parental control software:

    Good parental control software ensures a safe online experience for your children. Such software has invaluable features like locking access to specific websites of your choosing. They also have a “time-out” feature, where you can restrict your child’s online access to different websites. For example, suppose you want your children not to access a specific website for more than a certain amount of time. In that case, you may enable this feature to lock access after the preset period.


  • Monitoring online purchases:

    Kids can be enticed by many online pop-ups, ads, and objectionable websites into giving away personal financial information such as credit card information and bank account details. Ensure that you keep your data safe and keep your cards away from children. If they want to buy something online, ensure that they’re under supervision.


The Bottom Line

You must know that your children’s future is in your hands. Thus, be sure to educate them about the dangers of the internet as frankly as possible. Accept the fact that you cannot keep them away from using the internet because that is neither the right thing to do not literally possible in today’s world. Thus, we, at The Star Global School, one of the top 5 schools in Rohtak, would suggest you to share with them the basic dos and don’ts of internet security well in time. After all, no matter how much you want, the fact is that you cannot keep your kids shielded against all odds 24 x7. Thus, just like any other forms of defence that you teach your kids to stay safe in the outside world, you must also make them aware of the basic internet security so that they can stay safe in the online world too!

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