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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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4 Powerful Ways to Polish the Critical Thinking Abilities in Your Kids

4 Powerful Ways to Polish the Critical Thinking Abilities in Your Kids

Unlike most people’s beliefs, the world isn’t Black and White anymore. In reality, it’s Grey. You see, each question in today’s world is a mystery. The solution is always open-ended, meaning there are multiple ways to solve an issue. Whether performing a daily chore or approaching a new assignment at work, you can do it in numerous ways. This approach to look at a problem from multiple perspectives, evaluate each, and then make the best judgment is what we know as critical thinking.


If you want your children to be successful in life, you must foster the crucial skill of critical thinking in them at an early age. Today, in this article below, we at The Star Global School, ranked among the best schools in Rohtak, will share with you some of the most effective ways you can adopt to promote critical thinking qualities in your children. Read on.


  • Promote games that foster analytical thinking: 

We all know children love playing. It’s synonymous with childhood, and it is, in fact, essential for their holistic growth. Now, if you wish to boost the critical thinking skills of your kids, make sure you encourage them to play games that require them to indulge in some sort of analytical thinking. Games like puzzles, blocks, Legos, etc., are great in this regard. These games are designed to challenge the player’s mind and, in the process, boost their critical thinking abilities.


  • Encourage them to think before acting/speaking: 

Contemplation is a part of critical thinking. Thus, you must instill the belief “think before you speak” in your kids. Whenever you ask a challenging question, ask them to think for a while and then provide the solution. It is a subtle habit, but continuous practice makes the brain extremely sharp. Gradually, it will become second nature to them.


  • Let them experience and learn from mistakes: 

Many times, parents, out of their loving and caring nature, try to shield their kids from committing any mistakes or experiencing failures. But do you know by doing so, you are basically stopping your kids from growing mentally strong and persistent, which are essential qualities in any successful person! Thus, we at The Star Global School would like to advise you to avoid jumping in to solve the mistakes for your kids. Allow them time to realize and solve on their own. Let them analyze where they went wrong. This will enable them to chart a clear path to avoid those mistakes in the future.


  • Keep scope for lots of open-ended questions in your conversations with them: 

As mentioned before, every problem is open-ended. Thus, you must promote this behavior. Ask them questions like, “Can you think of other ways to solve the problem?”, “Can you think of reasons why he’s angry with you?” Such questions will allow them to approach any given issue from different perspectives and push them to think from multiple points of view.


Some Advice and Assurance

At The Star Global School, one of the leading schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that a child’s is an open mind because it’s uncluttered with worries. As such, it won’t be wise to burden them with issues that are irrelevant to them. Allow them to have an optimistic sense that would enable them to think positively and reach viable solutions. To that end, one of the best ways is to help them build and sharpen their critical thinking abilities that would come to their aid at every single step in life. We hope this article will help you in this regard. We will be back with many more interesting content stories in our upcoming posts. Till then, happy parenting!

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