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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Are You Unknowingly Indulging in Helicopter Parenting?

Are You Unknowingly Indulging in Helicopter Parenting?

All parents are protective of their children. We are sure all of the parents reading this write-up would also agree to the same. Well, we don’t blame you for being protective of your children. After all, they complete you and mean the world to you. However, some parents make the mistake of being too protective. Such parents are called Helicopter Parents. They loom over their children, take charge of their decisions, and be wholly involved in their lives.


While it may seem endearing to some, it isn’t! This excessive involvement results in the child developing anxiety, depression, and even a lack of self-confidence. This happens because children grow up thinking they have no control over their lives, and quite rightly so! However, we believe it’s safe to assume that you don’t want this to happen to your children.


But how would you recognize that you may be a helicopter parent yourself? Stick with us, The Star Global School, regarded as the best school in Rohtak, and we’ll give you the tell-tale signs of helicopter parents in this article today. So, let’s get to work!


Too much attachment always hurts!

While it’s understandable that you’re attached to your kids, too much attachment is never suitable. Instead, maintain a middle ground. It’s a healthy ratio that gives rise to mutual respect. Maintain this middle ground by NOT doing the following:


  • Get involved in their battles:

    Do your kids come home complaining after getting into arguments at school or playgrounds? Do you call their parents and fight on your children’s behalf? If yes, then don’t! Teach your children that they can often amicably resolve simple arguments through proper communication. Real-life examples help a lot, so try and tell a few anecdotes to get the message through. You must also teach them to remain calm, handle things diplomatically, and not escalate arguments. Only get involved in case of physical altercations or if they are being bullied.


  • Do their homework:

    Your children might pay attention in their classes, but they must do their homework independently. A child’s homework serves a specific purpose. It engraves in their minds whatever they learn in classes, thus allowing them to progress further. If you do it instead of them, they will not learn anything and will perform poorly. Also, make sure that you don’t correct them as soon as they make mistakes; instead, allow them to discover the errors self-reliantly.


  • Surpass the teachings of coaches/teachers:

    Let’s face it, most teachers and coaches are specialists in their craft, so you can’t surpass them. While it’s understandable that you want your kids to improve continually, you must restrain yourself. Instead, note where your kids are lacking and tell them to ask the specialists for help in that area. Don’t worry; they’ll do the rest!


  • Keep constant vigilance:

    Children need space! It allows them to grow and rectify mistakes. If you keep constant vigilance on them, they will feel “choked” and will not benefit from self-growth. Remember, these days, independence is everything. It will allow your children to shine and have happy lives. The trick is vigilance with restraint.


Helping Yourself Will Allow You To Help Them!

We at The Star Global School, one of the best schools in Rohtak, understand that you care for your kids and you’ll permanently be linked to them, but dear parents, you must consider your health too! Helicopter parenting will not allow you to be yourselves. If you remain one, you are more likely to allow various health issues like anxiety, hypertension, and even heart diseases to seep in. Now let us ask you – Can you really function as a happy and productive parent if you suffer like this?

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