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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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5 Powerful Mental Health Activities To Try Out With Your Child

5 Powerful Mental Health Activities To Try Out With Your Child

A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health – Kate Middleton.

Unlike physical woes, mental health issues are difficult to make out. Most adults, who suffer from mental unease, do not have the courage to speak up. Societal pressure or fear of judgment keeps them mum. Now just imagine what your child may be going through, God forbid he/she finds himself/herself in a similar situation!

Causes of poor mental health in children often include being bullied, parental separation, witnessing or being subject to violence and abuse, loss of a loved one, or frequent geographical shifts. At times, the inability to cope up with societal pressure or lagging behind one’s friends can also lead to mental turmoil. This is why we firmly believe that it is rather essential to focus on engaging in mental health activities to help children cope with such circumstances. And who can do this better than the parents!

So today, we, at The Star Global School, recognized as the best school in Rohtak, would like to share with you some of such powerful mental health activities that you can try out with your kids and help them feel relieved of their mental stress.

  • Encourage Free Communication:

As a parent, instead of hiding emotions of anger and sorrow, talk about it with your children. Tell them what led to you feeling this way. Speak about your coping mechanism. Stress the fact that it is okay to not feel okay. What is important is to bounce back stronger.

This would help children open up about similar feelings/situations that they may be facing. Likewise, they will be better equipped to deal with mental health woes in the future.

  • Talk about Journaling:

Across the world, around 10% of children suffer from mental health issues, but most of them do not receive any care or attention. Thus, working closely with your child can help against mental downfall. You and your child can sit down daily and journal your feelings. Journaling is key to developing emotional literacy among children. Research states that journaling aids with better immune function, higher scores, and reduced stress among children.

  • Dealing with Negative Patterns:

We all are aware of the rising cases of the bulk-up of anxiety and depression among children these days. Preventive measures are thus necessary. As parents, you can you’re your children by letting them challenge negative thoughts. By working closely with your children, you need to encourage them to verbalize their negative emotions, accept them, and move towards eliminating them.

  • Nurturing Interests:

Research suggests that children, who have hobbies, are less prone to stress, mood swings, and depression. Thus, as their parents, try and nurture hobbies and interests among your children. This can include anything from art therapy to music sessions.

  • The Parent and Child Routine:

Create a mandatory relaxation routine with your children. This can be something as simple as reading a bedtime story to your kids. The focus should be on eliminating excessive and undue exposure to electronic gadgets. Chalking out a peaceful nighttime routine can also do wonders. This is another excellent way of beating mental woes among children.

Stand Strong with your Kids to Say Goodbye to Mental Issues!

At The Star Global School, one of the leading schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that the key is to focus on normalizing big feelings. Steps worth taking in this direction include saying and doing things the right way and creating a friendly environment at home. You can watch for early signs of mental woes and find places where assistance is available. Research suggests that children whose parents are depressed are three times more likely to be depressed when compared to other children. So, try and create a positive environment at home and keep hold of the tips shared in this article. You will gradually see how well it works to keep any kind of mental issues at bay!

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