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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Phrases That Should Be Best Avoided While Talking to Your Kids

Phrases That Should Be Best Avoided While Talking to Your Kids

One of the most important experiences that you as parents can provide for your children is to have good communication with them. After all, it is your daily interaction with your kids that forms the basic foundation for a close-knit bond between you and your little ones. It is a known fact that children observe and learn a lot from their parents. As such, they not just take note of your actions but also your words! This means that the things you say to them matter a lot.


The words and phrases that you use when speaking to children are keenly observed by them. And this plays an important role in shaping the beliefs of those young minds. What you may say to them not just reflects your beliefs but also impacts the beliefs they develop.


So today, we, at The Star Global School, one of the best schools in Rohtak, will be shedding light on some of the phrases that though most of you must be commonly using in your day-to-day conversations with your children, should ideally be best avoided. Read on.


  • “Why didn’t you get an A grade?”

One of the most common yet the most toxic phrases, that is generally an outcome of the heat of the moment. Yes, we understand that being their parents, you always want your kids to succeed in life. And academics surely lay the foundation for that. However, the undue pressure that builds on them for achieving this often gets ignored. At The Star Global School, we believe that as long as your child is making their best efforts and improvements, it should be fine. You can always look for areas to improve the next time but avoid putting too much stress on children as it impacts them emotionally as well as psychologically.


  • “Your sister/brother did it so nicely. Why can’t you be like him/her?”

Another toxic phrase that parents use when talking to children is comparing them with their siblings, friends, and every other child around them. While you may have said it very casually, it impacts them very deeply from a very young age, and they begin to develop resentment. While comparison is bad for adults too, it should definitely be avoided when talking with children. At The Star Global School, we firmly believe that each child is a unique blessing that should be appreciated and should not be compared with others. We should instead embrace their individuality and try to polish their unique talents and knacks.


  • “Why are you always lost in your dreams? Be practical!”

Most children dream big and are really excited about it. Even if they do not seem possible due to any reason, you should encourage your kids without crushing their dreams with toxic words. Using such negative words will only demotivate them and make them lose interest. Instead, support them with the right empowering words and a positive environment to work towards their dreams. 


  • “Get aside. Let me do it for you!”

When you see your child struggling with an activity, it is a natural instinct being a parent to help them out. However, doing so frequently can make your child less independent as they will always be looking for you to help. So, instead of directly jumping to help them, you can guide them or provide them suggestions that will help them to solve the problem. This will help them grow into responsible and independent individuals.


Listed above are only a few phrases that are commonly used while communicating with children. Although you may be saying some of these phrases very regularly, or they might not appear harmful as such, however, the fact is that your words influence your children a lot! While positive communication can help instill confidence in them, negative words can make them grow with a loser mindset. It is hence very much important that you, being their parents and role models, mindfully avoid using such phrases and pay close attention on your language to communicate effectively with your children.


At The Star Global School, ranked among the best schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that it is very much important for the parents to be open to listening to their children with an open mind. You need to keep in mind that those little eyes are always watching you. So, why not try and keep a watch on your language closely? After all, it would not only help you build a better communication channel with your kids but also help lay the path for their rightful development!

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