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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
Mandatory Disclosure +91 9518664772, 7015639659

Infrastructure That Speaks For Quality Education

Infrastructure That Speaks For Quality Education

It is a common belief that the ones who love to study and read can do so at any place. The argument that’s often put forward is that space or facilities do not really matter as knowledge is immaterial, and the physical context becomes secondary to its quest. Going by that belief, the crucial thing to focus on is what one is studying, irrespective of the surroundings.

However, this reasoning falls far short when you consider the modern world education system, which demands high-end technology and infrastructure to enable the learners to compete on a global scale. In other words, the infrastructural facilities that the educational institutions offer directly influences the performance of the students.

Keeping this very fact in mind, we, at The Star Global School, one of the leading schools in Rohtak, have left no stones unturned to bring our children the finest form of infrastructure that the modern educational world has to offer. And, today we will give you a closer look at the infrastructural advancements that adorn our institute.

Smart classrooms for our young geniuses to excel

Speaking of our infrastructural facilities that are conducive to the highest educational quality, let us first take a look at our classrooms. At The Star Global School, we have always had a vision that our classrooms would be more like interactive forums, where children can internalize knowledge through discussions. The use of interactive smart boards has not only helped us ensure that but also allowed our dedicated teachers to utilize a wider range of resources in every lesson.

The laboratories where the future inventors dwell

We strongly believe that experiential learning offers the best kind of experience to the learners as it allows them to visualize the real-world applications of their classroom knowledge and imbibe the facts in their minds. To ensure that, we have well-equipped computer labs and science labs in our institution where the students are trained on the latest advancements in computing and technology. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are very well furnished with all the modern necessities to encourage the analytical and inquisitive mind of the young buds of our school.

An advanced library to upkeep the quest for knowledge

Being one of the most highly trusted schools in Rohtak, what we strive for at The Star Global School is to impart high-quality education to our pupils, and that can just not happen if we limit their bounds of knowledge within the books. We understand that those young minds are curious, and our advanced school library is here to quench their thirst for knowledge. Along with being well-stocked with books and CDs on different subjects, our libraries also have a number of computer stations to enable our children to prepare their assignments or explore their classroom lessons further.

The co-scholastic facilities laid out for our students

It’s not “all work and no play” for the students of our institution as is evident from the co-scholastic facilities we have on offer for them. We already have a nine-layer synthetic tennis court certified by the International Tennis Federation, along with a badminton court and a soccer cum cricket field of the standard size. We also pay equal attention to the fine arts and their impact on inspiring the creative young minds.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment for our children

Lastly, we believe that quality education also needs an environment that assures the young ones of their safety and security. The sprawling six acres campus of The Star Global School has complete CCTV surveillance at every nook and corner to ensure that nothing goes past our watchful eyes. When children are assured that their safety is taken care of by us, they can put their wholehearted focus on their own growth and development.

Along with all the infrastructural facilities that we elucidated above, we also have future plans that include the inauguration of new builds, laboratories, games and sports arenas, and much more. We can assure you that The Star Global School will always be relentless in pursuing excellence for the children, and the infrastructure that we offer is an extension of that aim of ours. After all, the accomplished innovators and creators of tomorrow need an environment that encourages and lauds their progress in every possible way. Isn’t it!

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