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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Respect is a Give & Take Process in Parent-Child Relationship

Mutual respect between parents and children is essential for a healthy relationship. But, the path of respect can sometimes be more difficult than you expect. We know all the parents out there understand what we mean! After all, it is very common nowadays to see children arguing with adults and ignoring them completely. You can also see them snapping back and not respecting those in authority.

While we understand that, as parents, you feel you have the right to question them, it is equally important to keep the fine line of respect into consideration while communicating with them. You need to make sure that while reacting to their mistakes, your conversation should be such that it makes them understand their fault instead of leading to a situation of conflict between the two of you. This is where the concept of mutual respect comes into the scenario!

What generally happens is that you demand respect from your children without teaching them about it. You need to understand that to respect someone is to have high regard or admiration for their views and feelings. Thus, if you want your kids to respect your authority, you have to stop making your kids feel inferior. In simple words, show respect to your children in order for them to learn and model it in their behavior!

Today, in this article below, we, at The Star Global School, one of the top 5 schools in Rohtak, have brought forth for you some of the most effective ways you can try out to instill a sense of mutual respect in your relationship with your kids and strengthen your bond with them.

  • Keep space for empathy and compassion:

Empathy and compassion are both necessary prerequisites for respect. Thus, next time while dealing with your kids, make use of your own experience, and it will help you empathize and be compassionate with them. Make an effort to understand their situation, point of view, and emotions.

  • Observe and listen:

Before making any decisions, listen to what they have to say until the end. Listening is a way to show your respect to them. You may or may not agree with their explanation, but always listen first. Mutual respect means both of you get to express your feelings freely and completely. It also means both are willing to listen to the other’s point of view.

  • Allow them their share of freedom:

Children prefer to have their own space. Give them some freedom and encourage them to make their own decisions. This will encourage the building of mutual respect among you.

  • Walk the talk:

Be consistent with your words, actions, and rules. Inconsistent behavior shows you as less credible and thus less respectable.

  • Be honest:

Accept your mistakes and acknowledge them when they are correct. Being honest and open shows that you respect them as a person. This will also encourage them to be honest with you and cultivate mutual respect.

  • Stick to age-appropriate communication:

Your communication methods should evolve as children grow. School-going children who want to be independent do not want you to treat them like babies. But you still need to discipline them to make sure they follow the rules. Ensure that the rules are fair, logical, and suitable for their age.  Both of you have to understand your respective roles to develop mutual respect. This leads to quick and effective conflict resolution.

Final thoughts

At The Star Global School, positioned among the top 5 schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that respect is a give and take process. You cannot expect to receive respect until and unless you know how to make the other person feel respected. The same rule applies to the parent-child relationship!

It doesn’t matter if your kids are younger to you because respect is not bound by any age boundaries. Moreover, as you must have already heard a thousand times, parents are the role models for kids. They take cues from your behavior and accordingly shape their own. As such, if they find you treating others (including them) with disrespect, they are more likely to follow suit. Notice keenly, and you’ll observe a reflection of your own behavior in them.

Hence, make it a point from hereon that you will give your children just as much amount of respect as you would like to receive from them or want to see them giving to others. Soon, you will be well on your way to raising

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