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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Teaching Kids to Clean Up Their Mess – 5 Tips to Help You Out!

Teaching Kids to Clean Up Their Mess - 5 Tips to Help You Out!

After a busy day at work or in the kitchen, the last thing you would want to come back to is a messy house. So, is your little one capable of turning your home upside down? From toys to house utilities, does your child love to be a messy head? Most parents find it difficult to get their children to clean up. Children often come up with lame excuses and always show their back towards cleaning activities.

At The Star Global School, one of the best schools in Rohtak, we believe it is rather important to lay emphasis on teaching children to clean up their mess right from the early days. When the habit is instilled in children right from a young age, it is a job half done for parents. To help you sort out the other half, here we bring to you the 5 most effective tips that would encourage your child to clean up the mess at hand.


Go-to activities to help your child clean up their mess:


  • Stop taking the lead:

Parents, who complain about their children being averse to cleaning up the mess they made, are mainly those who perform the job on behalf of their children rather frequently. They presume that in spite of repeated reminders, the child is going to remain unbothered.


Parents, are you listening? Do not miss the fine line between “helping” and “doing it all by yourself.” Thus, next time your child procrastinates, leave the mess as it is. Let your child be forced to stand up and get moving, without you having to say or do up the major part for them.


Dressing up and playing a part is an activity that children enjoy the most. Thus, it would be a great idea to encourage your child to role-play. You could ask your child to float a cleaning company and play the owner.


Studies have suggested that role-plays assist with improved cognitive flexibility and creativity. So, how about you giving a cleaning contract to your little cleaning agent? After all, as we, at The Star Global School, always say – teaching with a dash of fun and engagement is the best way out to engage the young minds into learning anything.


  • Instill a competitive spirit:

We understand that getting your child to clean up their mess is a task in itself. However, have you tried announcing a cleaning competition yet?


Asking your child to get out of the couch and organize things is challenging, but not if you link a reward or words of appreciation with the outcome.


So, next time your child acts fussy, make a statement like, “I am sure you can clean this mess in minutes. Would you like to show me how quick you are?”


Besides encouraging the kids to clean up their mess, this approach will also help to  instill a competitive spirit among children.


  • Break down tasks:

Let us say your child’s room is entirely messy. But asking your kid to clean up the whole room at once is going to drive him away.


What do you do then? Adopt a narrow approach. Break down the big job into independent, individual tasks.


For instance, you can ask your child to first clean the desk, followed by the bed. This will give your child a proper direction and smaller milestones to achieve.


  • Speak about clutter:

Your children need to understand as to why you are insisting on cleaning up the mess. Explain to them that it is not healthy to operate around clutter and disorganized spaces.


Highlight the benefits of living in a clean space, which may include easily finding things you require or simply having a pleasant aura around.


At The Star Global School, positioned among the best schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that imbuing children with the habit of cleaning up their mess has far-reaching benefits. This simple habit of cleaning up the mess not only aids in making them portray responsible behavior but also having discipline as a way of life. So, try implementing the tips shared in this article above, and we are certain that you will no longer complain about your children not clearing up the mess.

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