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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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The Effectiveness of the Play Way Method for Tiny Tots

The Effectiveness of the Play Way Method for Tiny Tots

How did the early humans learn to light the fire? They learned so while working with two pieces of stones. How did the humans learn about wheels? They discovered it when a log slipped from their hand and rolled down the valley. You can find a common point in both these groundbreaking discoveries of all times, without which the remarkable journey of human civilization would not have started. The common point is learning while doing.

No doubt, nothing teaches us better than our works. This is probably why every job comes with a training process, and people with hands-on training get an edge during the interview sessions over the ones without it. Similarly, kids learn the best when they do something and engage wholeheartedly in the work. For instance, allow your kids to play in the garden, and they will eventually learn how to water the plants or guard them against the storm.

At The Star Global School, one of the leading schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that children are born with a natural learning instinct. And activities that combine motor skills and limb movements always aid in the process. Indeed, this is why experts consider the play way technique to be the most effective learning method for tiny tots. On that note, we, at The Star Global School, will be shedding some more light today on how the play way method helps pave the way for the overall development of kids.

It aids in the physical as well as cognitive development of young minds

Be it hand body coordination or simple motor skills, when children remain active, they develop better. And when we say that, we don’t just mean physical development but also cognitive and intellectual development. For instance – Allow your child to play with sand and mud, and he/she will eventually learn to differentiate between the texture of surfaces, i.e., the touch of a granular substance and a smooth one.  In later years, when they will be required to cope with more complex fundaments of physics, this elementary knowledge would surface as most helpful.

Moreover, since physical activities form an inseparable part of playing for children, their physical development also gets stimulated.

It promotes the emotional growth of children

Plenty of kids feel shy about interacting with peers.  In fact, some children are too sensitive to stand the regular odds that everyone faces while interacting with their peers. All these and more emotional and mental obstacles can be overcome by merely engaging the kids in little group activities and games with other kids of their age. This is exactly what the play-way method aims at.

By integrating the little ones into regular gaming, the play way method makes sure that every child comes out of his/her shell to experience the taste of life at its best. Initially, children could be shy, sensitive, timid, or moody. However, when they get to interact with their peers regularly to complete tasks or play games, they learn to come out of their corners to face the world and be a part of it. Therefore, along with physical and cognitive elements, the play way method of learning nurtures the emotional dimensions of the little ones as well.

It helps develop an innate passion for learning in kids

If children develop a fondness for learning at an early age, they continue to learn passionately throughout their lives. Play way ensures this without any fail. At The Star Global School, a well-known school in Rohtak, we have seen that nothing catches the attention of the little ones like games and activities. Since play way treats these two methods as central tools for teaching, children grow fond of learning with every passing day. Hence, play way helps to awake the inner interest of kids in the process of learning, thereby making them learning-ready for entire life.

As one of the most highly trusted schools in Rohtak, we, at The Star Global School, firmly believe that early childhood days are the best when it comes to laying the foundation for learning. And play-way method is indeed one of the most effective teaching methodologies that not only help to nurture the curiosity every child is born with but also integrates the kids really well into the learning process. And at our school, we have implemented this progressive and thoughtful way of learning, with which we have been successfully implanting the passion for learning in our students.

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