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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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The Significance of Parent-Teacher Relationship in Improving Student Outcomes

The Significance of Parent-Teacher Relationship in Improving Student Outcomes

Discussions about the importance of a strong parent-child relationship or a close-knit teacher-student relationship are more common than ever. All of us have not only heard but also participated in such deliberations frequently. However, a topic that is though common but is an equally significant matter of discussion is the value of parent-teacher relationships.

Let us put it in this way: parents are the first teachers of a child and are responsible for not only teaching them the life lessons but also reinforcing the academic ones that they learn at school. On the other hand, the responsibility of teachers extends beyond classrooms, books, and assignments and goes deep into making resilient and successful individuals out of the pupils. When these two crucial roles are combined to work together for the betterment of children, better outcomes are bound to manifest in every aspect of their lives.

With that being said, we, at The Star Global School, one of the leading schools in Rohtak, will delve deeper in this article today into the significance of the parent-teacher relationship and how it helps pave the path for improving student outcomes.

Positive parent-teacher relationship helps boost academic achievements by kids

A study by the University of Sussex suggests that positive school-family relationships are the predictor of academic achievements. Additionally, this effect might be diminished or improved by how satisfied parents feel with their kids’ school. The researchers of the university concluded that school practices and policies that focus on improving parent-teacher relationships can boost the academic success of children from all backgrounds.

When teachers and parents work in sync, kids’ progress gets effectively monitored, and all gaps in excellence or development are easily identified. It not only helps to lay down realistic expectations but also lets teachers effectively plan support for the kids’ learning depending on their individual needs.

Makes students more invested in achieving their classroom goals

When teachers and parents have a positive connection, the students develop a unique trust in the teachers. As they notice the connection and care between these two parties, the students become more aware of and invested in the role they play in this partnership. Per se, they know that both these parties are invested in the development and work more intentionally for reaching the academic goals.

Moreover, a higher level of respect is garnered for the teachers because the pupils recognize the efforts made by their teachers in involving and respecting the parents.

Improves the much-needed support that kids get at their home

Effectively educating children needs a collaborative effort between the children’s family and the teachers. At the end of the day, we are limited by the hours we get to spend with the kids on a regular school day. Thus, we have noted that the kids who excel are the ones to have adequate support at home.

And a sure way of extending that support efficiently to the kids is to keep the lines of communication open with the school. At The Star Global School, we have the provision of annual reports, letters, and a fully updated website to let you know of all that is happening within the premises, and when you place close attention to all of these, our bond naturally becomes stronger.

Greater efficiency in problem-solving leading to bigger wins

It gets easier for both parties to converse about the tough topics when the relationship is strong enough. We can communicate the challenges faced by a student without holding back, and the parents can have greater trust in our perspective because of the positive connection we share.

Besides, students have greater faith in their ability to overcome the challenges when they have the support of both the parents and teachers on their side. Furthermore, the bigger wins thus achieved by students are also jointly celebrated by two of their biggest cheerleaders.

At The Star Global School, recognized among the best schools in Rohtak, we have always believed that one of the major pillars to the students’ success lies in the combined efforts of their parents and teachers. Thus, we, being the mentors and guides of your children, not only make sure to inform you about the kids’ progress at school but are also all ears when you reach out to us with any doubts or queries.

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