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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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The Need to Instill Hopeful Thinking in Children

The Need to Instill Hopeful Thinking in Children

Judgment is basically the ability to make decisions based on the analysis of situations and life experiences. In simple words, if you are growing and evolving today, that’s because of the good judgments you have taken. However, if you have been facing a lot of challenges, that could be because of certain bad decisions you made. Having good judgment skills is hence necessary to ensure leading a happy and content life.

However, having said that, there’s no denying that making good judgments is no small feat. While this holds true for adults as well, judgment-making is particularly difficult for children. And that’s because not much heed is paid to building their judgment skills at the right age. We, at The Star Global School, believe that if the seeds of appropriate decision-making are sown right during childhood, it makes the path to success a lot easier for the kids. We have seen that when kids are taught good judgment skills at an apt age, they not only grow into problem-solvers but also have the ability to think logically and react rationally.

So today, we, at The Star Global School, ranked among the top schools in Rohtak, have brought forth for you a few tips on how you can improve your child’s potential to make good judgments and benefit from them.


  • Consequences must be kept in mind

Heard of Newton’s third law? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Make sure that your little one knows and understands what this means. They must be aware that whatever decisions they take will fetch them the consequences as well. While there would be good consequences for good judgments, they will also have to face bad consequences for bad decisions. This will help them understand that they are responsible for their own actions and decisions, and it is hence important that they closely analyze the situations as well as the after-effects of their decisions before arriving on any judgments.


Give your children an insight into your world. Talk to them about your daily chores, the decisions you made at work, how you handle situations, and go about life. Show them the drill, and with time they will get the hang of it.


  • Mistakes are a part of life

Life is not perfect and making mistakes is a part of it because that is how one learns. So, as parents, you should not hop on to shield your child from making mistakes each and every time. Let them learn from their mistakes. Make your children realize that mistakes do not define them but rather help to shape who they are.


  • Lead them onto the path

Despite how much you want your kid to attain success in whatever they do, there would be times when they will face defeats as well. It is very important that you remain supportive to them in such instances. Ask them to evaluate what went wrong and how it could have been corrected. Discuss how things could work out differently. Guide them in making a plan so that they can avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

At The Star Global School, one of the top schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that while instilling judgment skills in children is essential, there is no perfect way to carve these skills in children. After all, the skill of making good judgments is a form of art, and mastering it might take different time for different people. You will have to patiently and consistently work on your children so as to understand which technique works the best for them.

As parents and teachers, when we guide our children and provide them with the opportunities to think and process their judgments well, it helps in uplifting their confidence and provides them with the pathway that drives them to greater feats. We sincerely hope that the approaches mentioned in this article above will not only help carve good judgment skills in your kids but also help in expanding their horizons in life. This will enable the kids to grow into responsible individuals and help them have a deeper perception of life.

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