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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Vent Out the Exam Stress with a Dose of Regular Exercising

Vent Out the Exam Stress with a Dose of Regular Exercising

Examinations are an integral part of student life. After all, examinations help assess the understanding of the students in various subject areas. However, there’s no denying the fact that as the board exams are closing in, more and more students are becoming anxious and stressed. At The Star Global School, one among the best schools in Rohtak, we understand that it is not only the uncertainties associated with the examinations that exhausts the brain but also the tedious efforts students put in for weeks and months to excel in their preparations that drain them considerably. Consequently, students feel stressed out and tired. This thereby often leads to not-as-expected outcomes.

The thing is that when the brain does not get ample rest and feels overly stressed, it fails to work optimally and flexibly. This crops up as a reason for many students finding it really difficult to give out their best despite knowing all the answers. Thus, being the mentors and guides of the young minds, we, at The Star Global School, would like to advise all our budding geniuses to keep any kind of stress at bay, and would also like to urge the parents not to put any pressure on the kids. Instead, try and keep the children agile, motivated, enthusiastic, and vibrant even when exams approach. And the best way to ensure that is to make the kids indulge in some regular exercising.  

Exercising is indeed a smart way of keeping exam-time anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions away. And on that note, here’s sharing how regular exercising can help children stay away from stress even when the exams are knocking on the doors.

Exercising helps improve the blood circulation

When you run or jog, the level of blood circulation increases instantly. Haven’t you noticed that you feel lighter after a brisk walk or a few rounds of jogging? This is because when you move faster, your heart pumps the blood more quickly, supplying more oxygen-rich blood to the body cells to keep fatigue away. 

Exercising consistently boosts the level of blood circulation, and the brain gets a fair amount of oxygen-rich blood. When your child reads or practices sums, the brain gets exhausted after a while. This additional oxygen-rich blood flow helps the brain regain its strength and perform more efficiently. This is why, with regular exercising, focus, concentration power, and memory improve. While yoga, meditation, or exercising keeps the brain agiler, it also keeps the fatigue and anxiety away.

Aids in enhancing digestion and metabolism

Diseases, digestion problems, or any other physiological problems can pose a big-time distraction from academics for students. And especially when exams are approaching, a loss of a single day can be critical for the pupils. This is why it is important to pay extra attention to the health of kids during this time.

At The Star Global School, ranked among the leading schools in Rohtak, we understand that students often extend their study hours and sleep late during the exam preparation times. These irregularities often lead to digestion problems and may induce other physiological issues as well. Regular exercising can keep all these problems at bay. Thus, even if your children are sleeping a little less and stretching the study hours, a few push-ups, stretching, or yoga moves will help keep the digestion system healthy. And we all know that when the digestion process remains fit, the health remains fine. A fit body seldom harbors stress and anxiety.

Exercising helps restrict the accumulation of free radicals

When children sit at a place for hours to prepare for their examinations, the body lacks activity and starts gathering free radicals, which further slowdown cellular respiration, and may make the kids feel stressed.  A little exercising every day can restrict the accumulation of free radicals in the cells. Hence, your child will be fit, agile, and energetic despite the long hours of study.

At The Star Global School, we believe that health is an integral part of learning, growing up, and holistic development. After all, only a sound body can aid in the process of education. Therefore, a few minutes of exercising are a must if you aim to keep the apple of your eyes in the pink of health and enable the kid to perform his/her best in the examinations. Ask your child to save dedicated time for exercising in the routine, and you will witness how it aids in not only improving your little one’s health but also helps in improving his/her academic outcomes.

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