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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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5 Ways to Keep Kids Away from Materialistic Obsessions

5 Ways to Keep Kids Away from Materialistic Obsessions

Fulfilling the kids’ requirements remains central to every parent’s priority list. However, there is always a fine line that makes all the difference between requirements and obsessions. And it is this difference that is critical to be understood if the aim is to make the kids grow into beings being minus any obsession.

While having an interest or fondness for something is a part of growing up and shaping up of character, becoming obsessed with it can negatively influence the little one’s mind. And it is especially the materialistic obsessions that have been found to often turn the kids into insensible, self-centric, and uncaring individuals. Demanding more when they have enough or showing desperation when they do not get what they ask for can be the tell-tale signs of kids getting into the traps of materialistic obsessions.

At The Star Global School, regarded as the Best School in Rohtak, we believe that in today’s world, where consumerism and materialistic possessions are fast replacing subtle values like humility, compassion, kindness, and empathy, routing your child’s thought process towards a different direction is indeed necessary for constructive upbringing. On that note, we have brought forth in this article today some of the ways you can try and adopt to instill the noble values of humanity in your child and keep him/her away from materialistic obsessions.

  • Teach money management as the first step

Offering a regular allowance, no matter how insignificant, can help your children figure out the value of it. Keep in mind to teach the kids to keep the allowance in three parts- expenditure, saving, and charity. This will help them learn that the income has different components, and each is equally valuable.

At The Star Global School, we believe that learning money management can help make the kids more aware of the value of every penny spent.  And the amount they give out as charity works out to instill compassion in them. Hence, entrust a little money to your child, and he/she will learn to surrender to requirements alone, shedding off the extra pounds of obsession.

  1. Explain the reality behind the advertisements to your kids

In today’s world, the internet, television, posters, and almost everything boast about products and services to snatch attention. Thus, no wonder when your child comes across an advertisement for a fast-food brand, he/she finds the presentation irresistible. And the fact is that no matter how baseless the advertisement’s proclamations are, somehow, even adults succumb to the ideas offered, leaving the logical explanations behind. When you discuss with your child the reality behind these advertisements and the profit motives that drive the enterprises to come up with such presentations, the kid will surely gain an insight into the concept and would think twice before succumbing blindly to these temptations. 

  1. Discuss family finances in front of the kids to make them a part of family concerns

Do not shy away from discussing family finances in front of your kids. Friendly discussions about earnings, expenditures, and saving concerns make the children aware of what is going around in their family.

Comprehending the challenges and the limits of the monthly budget, they learn to prioritize needs over wants. Discussing finance essentials in front of children always makes them feel included and responsible for the family. Realizing their role, they would also learn to sacrifice some of their wanton desires, which will thereby pave the way for them to keep their materialistic obsessions at bay.

  • Teach your children about the emotional value of things

Love, memories, attachment, sentiments are some attributes that make things valuable. Introduce your child to these feelings of nostalgia and reminiscence to teach them the emotional value of things instead of the price tags. Take out your old books, the gifts your parents once gave you, or the toys your little one played during his/her toddler years and explain their value in your life and tell your kids about the value the associated memories hold for you.

  1. Discuss the difference between needs and wants with your child

Children lack clarity and insight in many aspects of life. However, parents can always come up with their experience of life and wisdom to cast light on their kids’ dark areas. Explain the difference between wants and needs to your kids in an age-appropriate manner, and they will gradually turn into rational individuals.

At The Star Global School, positioned among the best schools in Rohtak, we understand that rearing up a kid can be challenging at times. Especially with so many social influences luring the kids to grow materialistic, it can be challenging to keep them glued to greater life values. But if you, the parents, stay by your child and offer the best guidance to them at every step of the way, they will definitely grow into responsible, empathetic individuals you can be proud of.


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