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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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How to Foster Self-Esteem in Kids?

How to Foster Self-Esteem in Kids?

Let’s begin with a simple question – How do you like to see your kids? Happy and confident about themselves or sulking in guilt and frustration? Yes, we know there won’t be any parent on earth who would choose the latter. But then what exactly are you doing to ensure that your little one stays happy and confident always?

We know that there is a popular belief that confidence and jolly nature are innate. But we, at The Star Global School, ranked among the Top 5 schools in Rohtak, firmly believe that confidence and happiness can be very well instilled in the young minds. And that can be done when the efforts are laid to nurture self-esteem in them.

Self-esteem is the feeling that makes a person feel good about himself/herself. It provides children with the confidence to learn and try out new things, embrace challenges, and solve problems all on their own. Studies have shown that children who have high self-esteem are more confident of their personality and believe in their abilities. So today, let us have a look at some of the easy yet effective ways that you can adopt at home to make kids feel good about themselves and build their self-esteem.

Encourage your child to partake in new tasks

At The Star Global School, we have always maintained that every child is unique. As such, while self-esteem comes easy to some of them, some may take time. But the best way to help foster self-esteem in young kids is to encourage them to try out new things. When children take up tiny yet new tasks at hand, the feeling of accomplishing something new, something different, often works wonders to spark joy and happiness in them. And it is this joy that lays the groundwork for building their self-esteem.

Appreciate efforts and not the outcome

Make it a point to praise your little one whenever he/she puts his/her foot forward to try something out. Let them know that irrespective of the outcome, it is important for them to try and pour in efforts. When such an approach is kept, children feel encouraged to learn and explore more. Plus, a positive feeling of constant parental support also sinks in their minds, which further raises their confidence level by manifold.

Avoid getting into harsh criticism

Kids have tender minds that readily absorb whatever positive or negative comes their way. And though most of us know that, many fail to keep it in consideration while conversing, or rather while scolding the kids. In a fit of rage, adults often go on saying many negative things to children that though they don’t mean by heart but end up impacting the kids profoundly. Hence, make sure that no matter how angry you are, you must avoid abusing or criticizing your kids.

Focus on boosting their strengths

Take note of the things your kids are good at and encourage them to refine their skills further in the same. For instance, if your little one shows interest in drawing, then instead of telling him/her to focus more on the studies and not arts, support the kid in trying out new art forms. Yes, you must let the kids know that studies are important but snatching away the drawing books and colors to divert their interest to studies won’t be the right way. Thus, help the kid to further improve his/her art forms and make him/her know that you do support their interests.

At The Star Global School, one of the top 5 schools in Rohtak, we have seen that self-esteem goes hand in hand with how positive the child feels about himself/herself. And parents play a crucial role here in helping the kids develop positive emotions about themselves. Hence, be a good role model for your kids and make sure that you yourself follow what you are trying to preach to the apple of your eyes. Maintain a positive and lively environment at home and make sure that you stand strong with your little ones. Encourage them to the core as you are the best person to lead them onto the path of personal development.

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