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Affiliation No.532038 | School Code.42046
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Parent & Child Communication is Vital for the Development of Children

Parent & Child Communication is Vital | Parent Child Relationship

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity – Nat Turner


Communication is key to any successful relationship. The same principle applies to the parent child relationship as well. As a parent, if you wish for your child to trust in you and open up about the smallest of worries that have been troubling him/her, then building a strong and transparent communication channel becomes necessary.

This is particularly important since one of the prime worries for most parents is the mental health of their children, which invariably impacts their happiness and success in life. As such, one thing that forms the foundation for a close-knit bond between parents and children and also helps to ensure good mental health for the kids is clear, regular, and good communication.

So today, we, at The Star Global School, one of the top schools in Rohtak, will shed light on how strong communication between parents and children positively impacts the mental development of children.


  • Helps build self-worth in kids:

When parents work towards communicating effectively with children and share even the tiniest details with them, children come to understand that be it good or bad, it is always beneficial to share. Once children start opening up and parents give them a patient ear, they realize that they are being heard. This, in turn, helps build their self-worth, which ultimately aids with their mental development.


  • Instills problem-solving skills:

Parents, who communicate effectively with children, expose them to life problems at an early age. However, the communication flow is not restricted purely to discussing problems but also working out ways to come up with meaningful solutions. A direct outcome of this is children, who enjoy better mental clarity. Such children do not fear problems; instead, they strive to come up with realistic solutions. This works towards building the confidence of children, enabling them to overcome the problems with strength and lucidity.


  • Strengthens decision-making skills:

The fact is that no matter how much you want but you as a parent cannot be available to your child 24/7. There may be instances wherein your child will have to think independently. A situation may arise wherein your child might have to decide what is right and wrong for him. This is where the role of parent and child communication will pop up in the picture. Parents who have built a strong communication base with their children can rest assured that the child can analyze the circumstance well and make a favorable decision.


  • Standing for Oneself:

Mentally developed children do not question their worth. Such children are high on self-esteem. A lot has to do with all that has been communicated to them by their parents. It is through these never-ending communication engagements that parents back their children to take a stand for themselves. Do not be surprised to see these children taking a stand for others who are in need as well. Such well-rounded children are indeed a result of strong communication that their parents have stressed on.


Parents, are you listening? It’s time to build communication with your children:

All this while, if you have been lagging in the area of being there for your child, keeping two-way communication, and giving your child a free hand to open up, then it is high time to rethink your actions.

We, at The Star Global School, positioned among the top schools in Rohtak, would advise you to begin by slowly entering this area and kick-start both heavy and light chat sessions with your children. You can further boost your efforts by engaging in regular conversations with your kids. But do ensure that the conversations are age-appropriate and are as clear and healthy as possible.

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