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How Important is Connection in Parenting?

How Important is Connection in Parenting?

Parenting is challenging period. There is so much that you, as a parent, have to take care of so as to ensure that your kids learn the right things and grow in the right direction. You see to it that they go to the best school in town, study properly, eat well, take sound sleep, remain physically active, and what not. But if you still wonder at times, why is there an understanding gap between you and your kids, the answer probably lies in how good your connection is with them.

Connecting with your children is not only about being physically present with them but is more about the emotional bonding you share. For instance, no matter if you are making sure to attend the annual sports day at your kid’s school every year, but if you fail to extend your emotional support to your child irrespective of his win or loss, you are somewhere losing out on the vital connection that you must establish with the child.

Real connection happens when you try to put yourself in their shoes. It is about understanding and encouraging their curiosity and being approachable for them. Studies reveal that when parents share a strong connection with their children, it goes a long way in aiding their overall development. So, in this article today, we, at The Star Global School, ranked among the top schools in Rohtak, will shed light on some of the ways parental connection helps in the healthy development of children. Read on.


Connection serves as a feel-good factor for children

How do you feel when you are lonely or have no one to talk to? Not good, right? All of us want someone to whom we can pour our heart out. The same holds true for children as well! When you establish a strong connection with them, it gives out to them the message that they have someone they can turn to whenever they need any help. It helps raise their confidence and make them feel loved and valued.


Connection helps raise their self-esteem

When you connect with your children and make them feel worthy of your attention and love, it helps boost their self-esteem. On the contrary, if they find you giving more attention to your smartphone, television, or any other gadgets, it snatches away the attention that your kids deserve. While we understand that owing to the ongoing pandemic, you do have to look after your work responsibilities as well, make sure you assign at least an hour or so each day where you have all your attention on your kids.


Motivates positive behavior

A very important benefit that children generally experience when they share a sweet bond with their parents is experiencing positive and happy vibes, which further encourage them to showcase good and positive behavior. Consider it this way – If we ask you to choose between staying with a family where each member remains detached from each other and the family shows no signs of happiness, or a family where all members are closely attached to each other and there are happy vibes all around – what would you like to opt for?

Yes, the obvious answer here would be the second family! That’s because when the members of a family understand each other really well, there are hardly any chances for misunderstandings and rifts. The same goes with the bonding between parents and children. When parents share a strong bond with their kids and understand them well, it serves to encourage the latter to model as well as maintain positive behavior.

At The Star Global School, one of the top schools in Rohtak, we firmly believe that establishing a happy and robust connection with children is one of the most basic yet the most vital steps of parenting. It is, in fact, the foundation on which the entire relationship of parents and children depends. The stronger the connection between parents and children, the happier and more well-behaved the children grow. Thus, if you really wish to raise happy, cheerful, and confident kids, make sure you’re connecting and communicating well with your kids.

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